Developing confidence, co-ordination, discipline, and physical and mental fitness through learning self defence techniques.
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About Seido Karate

About Seido Karate

Seido Karate was founded in New York in 1976 by internationally respected 9th Dan Grandmaster Tadashi Nakamura.

This style is based on the teaching that the greatest fight each of us must contend is the one within ourselves.

It's a martial art for men, women and children what ever their ability or age.

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Welcome to the Nelson dojo

Welcome to the Nelson dojo

The Nelson training hall, called the dojo or Shibu, is in the hall behind Old St John's Church at 320 Hardy Street.

There is a schedule of classes from Tuesday to Saturday. See timetable.

There is an adult beginner class at 5:30pm Tuesdays.

A 5-8 years Super Kids class is at 4:00pm Wednesdays.

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A new dojo and a new timetable for 2024.
Here is an update on the changes for 2024: A letter from Sei Shihan Aaron. See here The new class Schedule for 2024. See here
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