Developing confidence, co-ordination, discipline, and physical and mental fitness through learning self defence techniques.

Wear a mask entering and leaving the dojo. Masks may be worn during training.
Please keep 2 metres apart in dojo and foyer.

Classes are limited to 12 students in the dojo. If the weather is fine classes will be held at Victory park.
Please maintain good hygiene practises, including hand sanitizing etc.
Keep Dojo clean. Open windows & doors for ventilation.
Follow our Facebook page for any changes to classes etc.

About Seido Karate

About Seido Karate

Seido Karate was founded in New York in 1976 by internationally respected 9th Dan Grandmaster Tadashi Nakamura.

This style is based on the teaching that the greatest fight each of us must contend is the one within ourselves.

It's a martial art for men, women and children what ever their ability or age.

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About Hanshi Andy

About Hanshi Andy

For 40 years, Andy Barber has been teaching Seido karate through his Nelson dojo. Thousands of students - ranging from preschool age to people in their 70s - have taken advantage of the presence of one of the most senior teachers in the world of the Seido style. Only three teachers anywhere in the world have his current ranking of Hanshi.

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Book your class 12 students per class. Masks are worn in Dojo. Find us on Facebook
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