NOTE: See Calendar page for special events
4:00 pm Kids Class. Sei Shihan Aaron
5:30 pm Beginners Class. Jun Shihan Neroli
6:30 pm Kata Class. Sei Shihan Aaron
7:30 pm Green & Brown Belt Class (Sparring second Tuesday of month). Sei Shihan Terry
4:00 pm Super Kids Class – 5-8 year olds. Jun Shihan Sharlene
5:30 pm Black Belt Weapons Class
6:30 pm Black Belt Class (Sparring on first Wednesday of month). Sei Shihan Aaron
8:00 pm Meditation. Sensi Wayne
4:00 pm Kids Class. Sei Shihan Aaron
5:30 pm White & Blue Belt Class. Sei Shihan Aaron
6:30 pm Yellow Belt and above Class (Pre-sparring for Yellow Belts first Thursday of month). Sei Shihan Aaron
7:30 pm Sparring Class – Green Belt & above. Jun Shihan Gerry
6:00 pm Fitness Class – All grades (16 and above). Sei Shihan Aaron
7:00 pm Contact Sparring – Green Belt and above (18 and above). Sei Shihan Aaron
8:00 am Black Belt Bo/Weapons class. Sei Shihan Aaron
9:00 am Meditation. Jun Shihan Mary
9:30 am General Class – all belts. Senpai Miro
10:30 am Kata Class. Sei Shihan Aaron
11:30 noon Sparring – Green Belt and above. Sei Shihan Aaron


Introductory lesson
at no obligation.

You are welcome to come and observe.

The first lesson is free.

There is a beginners "Start up Pack" available that includes a uniform.