Training at the Dojo during Level 2

May 16th, 2020

Follow the NZ Government rules and guidelines classes are limited to 10 students only. Register for the classes you would like to attend by emailing the Dojo in advance Places in each class will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

COVID 19. Dojo Health and Safety measures.

Overview.  Our aim, as a responsible ‘community within a community’, is to follow the NZ Government rules and guidelines to combat this pandemic. This is our priority for each class and for everybody entering the Dojo.

Everybody.  On entering the Dojo everybody must register with Kyoshi Sharlene as per normal and, if necessary, for contact tracing.

1) If unwell stay home.

2) Avoid congestion in foyer. Stay 1 metre apart.

3) Wear Gi to/from Dojo to avoid congestion in changing rooms.

4) Wash/sanitise hands on entering Dojo foyer. (Sanitizer will also be available outside)

5) In Dojo (and while training) maintain physical distancing – at least 1 metre apart.

6) No handshaking or hugging. Greet with the proper Karate Bow only.

7) If using Jo/Bo wipe down after use with provided antiseptic wipes.

8) Fresh rags will be provided to wipe floor after each class.

9) After class wash/sanitise hands.

10) Incorporate, as part of your practise, the new rules and requirements.



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