Zazen – Meditation

October 2nd, 2014

Za-to sit. Zen-total

Zazen is a traditional method of meditation dating back thousands of years. Meditation is a method of quietening the mind through good posture and stillness of the body. The mind and thought process is busy and usually over active going from one unnecessary thing to another, similar it has been said to ‘a monkey in a cage’. Concentration on any one thing can become difficult and we can get distracted all too easily. Zazen has no religious connotations or connections and in fact the practitioner is left to themselves to become self reliant. For this reason in the 13th century the Samurai warrior of Japan adopted this training as a way of practising attention and being in and appreciating each moment while preparing for battle. They came face to face with their strengths and weaknesses. Traditional Japanese Martial Arts, including Seido Karate still have this connection. As students we practise Zazen at the beginning and end of every class to calm and settle our minds and to help us to be present. It’s widely accepted by health professionals that meditation is a holistic way of improving one’s general health. While not compulsory I do encourage each student to participate and experience a Zazen class. Facing the self can be difficult if not a bit scary “… You may face and defeat a thousand opponents in a thousand battles but the one who defeats themselves is the greatest warrior…”


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